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All Round Namibia
  Car Hire


We specialize in the rental of quality 4x4 vehicles. Our fleet consists of Double Cab 4x4 vehicles with a complimentary transfer service should vehicle be collected from airport.

We offer the following:
Transfers all over Namibia on request
Tour guides available
Drivers available on request
Delivery of vehicles on request

Our services and vehciles:
Latest models
Unlimited kilometers
Comprehensive Insurance Options
Complete camping equipment available on prior arrangement
Personal Meet and Greet service to all our clients
Competitive Rates

Our Promise to you:
Safety in the quality of our vehicles and superior services!


Standard Vehicles Per Day
6-15 Days
Per Day
16 Days+
Per Day
6-15 Days
Per Day
16 Days+
Excess N$ Reduced
Excess N$
Fee Extra
Per Day
Toyota Double Cab 2.5 Diesel
Standard A/C, R/T, P/S
4-5 persons
1150 950 1250 1150 N$30000 N$15000
Toyota Quantum
13 Person + 1Driver
A/C, P/S, R/T
P/A System Included
1500 1400 1650 1500 N$35000 N$12000
Toyota Fortuner Diesel 3litre
A/C, R/T,P/S
4-5 pax
1250 1200 1450 1300 N$35000 N$18000
Off Road Trailer (Not Equiped) N$250.00  
Luggage Trailer N$200.00  


When driving anywhere in Namibia, try to apply the following safety precautions:
Always drive with your doors locked and windows wound up, especially when stopped at traffic lights.
Don`t ever stop to pick up hitchhikers, however innocent, lost or appealing they look. If you are worried about someone`s plight, stop at the next town and report it to someone there.
Do not leave anything valuable on show in your car when you leave it unattended, and ALWAYS lock your car when you leave it, even if you are only going to be gone for a few minutes.
Try to always park in a busy, well-lit area.
Don`t get out of your car if you are knocked or hit from behind in suspicious circumstances.
Take advice from your hosts where you are staying, and ask if there are any areas that tourists should avoid driving through.


Gravel Roads
Namibia`s excellent infrastructure includes a major road system of which only 5% are tarred or sealed road surfaces. The rest is made up of excellent gravel roads. Most of the country`s attractions can only be reached by gravel road. Gravel roads are made, not like everyone thinks by just scraping the road surface, but in fact by taking a graded strip of road and compacting stones (gravel) onto this surface.

Experience has taught us that a safe speed on gravel is 60km/h. At this speed, in most cases, you will be able to control any dangerous situation that you could get into.

Tarred Roads
Distances between towns even on tarred roads can be very tedious and tiring especially when driving into the rising or setting sun. It also becomes tedious when you have been on the road for a while so take regular breaks to stay awake and alert.

As distances are far and traffic is light, drivers are easily tempted to exceed the speed limit. The speed limit on tarred roads in Namibia is 120 km/h, however a speed of 100 km/h is recommended until you are familiar with the tarred roads and local traffic conditions.

Namibia Tourism Board
Your host:

Jaco van Vuuren

Tel: +264 61 259 831
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E-mail: info@allroundnam.com
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