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  Entering Namibia


Borders and Passport Control

Entering Namibia

Entering any country through customs and passport control can often be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience. We want you to prepare for your visit to Namibia so that passing through passport control and Namibian customs will (hopefully) be a smooth and easy exercise.

Borders and Passport Control

If you are arriving by aeroplane, you can expect to land at the main international airport, Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA). Walvis Airport is open to selective international flights, mainly from South Africa and visitors will also have to clear passport control.
If you are travelling by road, you are more likely to pass through one of these below border posts:

  1. Ariamsvlei/Naroegas border post - South Africa from Upington
  2. Buitepos/Mamuno border post - Botswana, to the east of Namibia
  3. Noordoewer/Vioolsdrift border post - South Africa from Cape Town
  4. Oranjemund/Alexander Bay - South Africa on the western coast
  5. Oshikango/Santa Clara - Angola, to the north of Namibia
  6. Wenela/Sesheke - Zamibia, north-eastern of Namibia

For a detailed list and contact numbers in case you need to get in contact with the immigration officers you can download the following contact details of the border posts: Border Posts in Namibia

When entering Namibia, you will be required to complete an immigration form. This form will either be provided to you by your travel agent, on the aeroplane by the cabin crew or you can fill it in at passport control before getting in line.

What documents will I need to bring along?

  1. Passport that is valid for 6 months or longer from date of intended entry

  2. We recommend that you make a couple of copies of your passport and keep it in your luggage

  3. Although most visitors do not need a visa when travelling to Namibia we recommend that you visit one of these sites to check if you will need - or not need - a visa:

    Namibian Embassy USA
    Visa Policy of Namibia

  4. If you intend to travel with children under the age of 18 years the following is of the utmost importance:
    Unabridged (full) birth certificate indicating both parents’ names. If a child is accompanied by one parent only, then a parental legalised consent affidavit signed by the absent parent

Other documents, tips and advice

We at AllRound Namibia are avid travellers as well and below you will find some additional tips and advice from us.

  1. We always recommend that visitors ensure that they have travel insurance and that they are adequately covered in the event of an emergency. Your travel agent or insurance broker can assist you with this - better be safe than sorry!
  2. It is always a good idea to bring along a printed version of your accommodation reservations, any confirmation emails, e-tickets and e-vouchers as some border officials may request it.
  3. If you intend on renting a vehicle or driving while in Namibia a valid driver`s license is important. If your driver`s license is not printed in english, it is advisable to obtain an International Driver’s License.
    For more information you can visit the website: International Driving Permit
  4. Remember to bring along prescribed medication as well as a letter from your medical practitioner if necessary.
  5. Remember to pack your debit and/or credit cards. The name on the debit and/or credit card(s) you intend to use during your visit must correspond to that of your passport. Importantly, do not travel with large amounts of cash for safety reasons.
  6. It is a good idea to contact your bank in advance and inform them of your intended travel plans. That way your bank can keep track of your debit and/or credit card activities.
  7. Write down or photograph the serial numbers of cameras, lenses, mobile phones, tablets and iPads, laptops and any other electronic devices.

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